You can visit BRK AMBIENTAL’s website and get to know the products and services that it provides, verify career opportunities, read reports, receive information and news, without giving us any information about yourselves. In the case of your supplying any information, this document seeks to explain how BRK AMBIENTAL obtains and handles your individual information:

1. The personal information given us by the users will be collected in an ethical and legal manner.
2. The users will be informed about which of their items of information BRK AMBIENTAL shall be collecting before the moment of this collection, the user being responsible for opting with regard to the furnishing or not of these items of information.
3. BRK AMBIENTAL’s websites have links to other external websites, whose content and policies of privacy are not the responsibility of BRK AMBIENTAL. It does not have access to items of information collected by “cookies” (a small file placed in your computer to trace movements between the websites) existing on the websites run by these links.
4. For operations involving risk management BRK AMBIENTAL will be able to exchange information about users with respectable sources of reference and clearing services.
5. For administrative purposes, BRK AMBIENTAL will possibly be able to use “cookies”, the user being able, at any moment, to activate mechanisms in his browser to inform himself when these have been set in motion or to avoid their being set in motion.
6. Users have at their disposal channels for getting in touch with us, so as to resolve any doubts, by means of BRK AMBIENTAL’s service to visitors.

We recommend the temporary checking of this policy, which is subject to eventual alterations.