Its Board of Directors is responsible for the Company‘s political and strategic decisions. The entity is responsible for directing, evaluating and accompanying performance and the goals set by the company and by its top management entities. The BRK Ambiental By-Laws and Shareholders‘ Agreement define and establish the guidelines and duties of the Board. The same Shareholders‘ Agreement also includes mechanisms that guarantee transparency and equal treatment among shareholders, such as the disclosure and reporting of information and the guarantee that minority shareholders can enforce certain vetoes, such as approving operations with related parties, among others.

The Board consists of seven members who are nominated by Shareholders during the General Shareholders‘ Meeting. The board members are chosen based on their qualifications, experience and alignment with the Company‘s values. The members serve a two-year term and may be re-elected.


Member Name Alternate
Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes Paulo Cesar Carvalho Garcia
Luiz Ricardo de Bittencourt Souza Renha Ryan Allan Szainwald
Henrique Carsalade Martins Rafael Thor de Moura Rebelo Rocha
David Charles Aiken Felipe Cardoso de Gusmão Cunha
Ana Lucia Poças Zambelli Luiz Eduardo Passos Maia
Gabriel Dutra Cardozo Vieira de Góes Domingos Alves da Cunha Filho
Marco Antônio da Silva Barros Carlos Alexandre Jorge da Costa