Investors Relations

Purposes and Values

BRK is present in thousands of people’s lives who, every day, experience the benefits generated by investments in sanitation. That’s why our purpose is to transform people’s lives by taking sanitation far beyond the basics.

ESG is in our DNA. We promote positive social impacts, not only through the expansion of water and sanitation services, but also through socio-environmental action in the communities served, working solidly on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda.

These corporate values ​​translate our beliefs and express the pillars that sustain BRK’s strategic decisions. They indicate the path to fulfill our purpose in all we do.

Act with


We follow our code of conduct, internal policies & procedures, laws and regulations. We respect the environment and our stakeholders: clients, suppliers, public authorities, employees, communities and shareholders.

Commitment to the


We work for satisfaction and development of those impacted by our services. We act in a positive and transparent way, focusing on building relationships with each interaction.



In our work, life preservation comes first. We assure a behavior consistent with our commitment to provide a service with quality, which directly impacts people’s health as well as the environment.


Operacional Excellence

We provide service with quality, meeting expectations of our clients and professional colleagues, seeking efficient and innovative solutions, as well as continuous improvement.



We value empathy. We treat each individual as we would like to be treated. We create opportunities for personal and professional development. We value diversity and inclusion.



We honor commitments and focus on exceeding our goals. We recognize that all of us contribute to the strategic objectives of the company, both in the short and long term.