BRK Ambiental is the largest private Brazilian Company in the area of environmental solutions. Through the control of its assets, the Company can guarantee more assertive decision-making, applying best governance practices in all of its segments. This allows BRK Ambiental to ensure that the processes and systems are the same for all of its operations, guaranteeing operational gains and more accurate quality control.

In the Water and Wastewater segment, BRK Ambiental operates in all regions of the country under full concession (water and wastewater) or partial concession (wastewater) model, as well as through PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) and other associations with state and municipal entities. In addition, it has guaranteed its position with a strategy focused on synergy and on offering quality services. All of this guarantees effective performance when tackling the sanitation deficit challenge present in Brazil, while working in a complementary fashion with the government.

In the Industrial segment, the growth took place through the adoption of an essentially sustainable strategy, based on the transformation of waste and effluents into basic materials to be used in new processes. The company is present in important industrial complexes, positioned as one of the largest service providers for water, effluent and waste treatment, energy use, material-related innovation and environmental monitoring.