Investors Relations


BRK is present in all regions of Brazil, operating under the full (water and wastewater) or partial (wastewater) concession model, in addition to PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) and other associations with state and municipal entities.

Through corporate control of its assets, BRK applies the best governance, compliance and ESG practices in all of its operations. In addition to ensuring integrated processes and systems, this uniformity results in more efficient operational gains and quality control.

The company’s vision – to be a leader in efficiency in Brazilian sanitation – has materialized in the daily practice of its operations, with a constant search for the best results. Optimization of costs and expenses, initiatives to improve collections and simplifying structures and processes are among BRK’s priorities.

The company’s numbers demonstrate the success of this strategy, which promotes the constant maturation of its assets and contributes to the universalization of sanitation services in Brazil, benefiting millions of people with quality service.