BRK Ambiental develops solutions to preserve natural resources and improve people’s quality of life through its activities in the water and sewage, industrial and waste disposal segments.

In the water and sewage segment, through partnerships with state-owned and private companies, as well as state and municipal governments, it complements public investments to ensure universal water supply and sewage treatment coverage in Brazil. The company benefits around 15 million people in more than 180 cities in Brazil.

In the industrial segment, industrial clients in the steel and oil sectors, among others, outsource their utility plants to BRK Ambiental, thereby ensuring the more efficient management of their assets.

BRK Ambiental develops and improves innovative technologies, being entirely committed to promoting environmental conservation and helping develop and improve the quality of life of its surrounding communities.

BRK Ambiental closed 2016 with a workforce of 5,428. Its growth since 2008 is the result of the development of its employees, who have expanded their activities in the efficient management of natural resources and the mitigation of environmental risks, with joint efforts in the public and private sectors.