BRK Ambiental was incorporated in 2008 after a spin-off of assets from the environmental division of the Odebrecht Group.

Since 2008, BRK Ambiental grew through new concessions and PPP contracts. To support this growth, the Company received two capital injections from FI-FGTS (local fund from the Brazilians employees mandatory pension fund), in 2009 and 2013. In April 2017, Brookfield Business Partners LP, a Canadian fund management company, acquired 70% stake, which was formerly held by Odebrecht SA. FI-FGTS maintained its 30% stake in the company. With this change, the company was rebranded BRK Ambiental.

BRK Ambiental operates in all regions of Brazil, in 13 States and more than 100 Municipalities, benefiting 16 million people.